POOLMAN Movie Review | Chris Pine | Annette Bening | Danny DeVito

POOLMAN Movie Review | Chris Pine | Annette Bening | Danny DeVito

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Chris Pine's "Poolman" aims to be a wacky, shaggy L.A. noir, but it's incessantly annoying and shrill and never comes together. Pine's feature filmmaking debut as director, co-writer and star is an homage to "Chinatown" in particular and Los Angeles in general. But the character he plays, pool cleaner Darren Barrenman, is little more than a collection of quirks rather than a recognizable human being. "Poolman" also wastes an incredible supporting cast, including Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, DeWanda Wise, Jennifer Jason Leigh and the always reliable Stephen Tobolowsky. In theaters now.
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